Collectibles are items which you may get from collecting your rent. Each set of collectibles are set into groups of 4 each offering either to upgrade a building you own or to give you Dollars and experience points.

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Reward
Fireworks Champagne Glasses New Year's Eve Party Kit New Year's Baloons New Year's Plaza
Ring Laptop Headphones Mobile Luxury HQ (Requires Special HQ)
Tax Free perfume Ticket Luggage Champagne Zeppelin (Requires Antique Plane)
Clock Cufflinks Chandelier Sunglasses Ultimate HQ (Requires Luxury HQ)
Airline Wings Pilots Sunglasses Model Plane Passport Aviation Show (Requires Zeppelin)
Cheese Rice Bread Milk 250XP and $10000
Rugby Helmet Boxing Gloves BasketBall Baseball Glove 750XP and $20000
Cash Register Market Basket Receipt Paper Bag 1350XP and $25000
Ticket M City T-Shirt Box Office M City Mug 3000XP and $35000
Bourbon Bottle Lamp Stand Roccoco Chair Jacuzzi 5000XP and $55000